WM600 Model
Double glazing Magnetic Window cleaner for 28 mm normal glass or 20mm Low E double glazed windows

As this magnet is strong, it is recommended only for 15mm glass and above, It will not work on standard 10mm glass.

WM700 Model
Double Glazing Magnetic Window Cleaner for 28mm  Low E Glass or 32mm Standard double glazing.

This glass is also known as Low E windows
This glass are widely used in Europe and Victoria.

This window cleaner can only clean the double glazing window as the magnet is too strong for standard one.

**Please note: we are out of blue or purple mold, so we are using yellow mold with purple string to indicate magnet strength.
Replaceable Spare sponges and blade pack

NOTE: For any oversea buyer that is not listed below, please email me to get the postage cost before placing an order.
The king of suction block
It absorbs up to 300 ml of the liquid.
Usage: leave the block in the spill and it will absorb the liquid in seconds. Use it as chamois block to absorb any liquid, great for drying the car off, shower screen, condensation and on the boat.

1 for $15              or                   2 for $20.

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Postage to oversea

New Zealand      $27

United States     $32

Hong Kong        $22